Our Technology

Cactus abstracting applications provide a flexible two-tier client/server system offering a scalable enterprise solution. All implementations are configured identically, regardless of facility size. Our single system architecture offers truly scaleable performance, and enables Cactus to provide consistent, unambiguous training, documentation, maintenance, and support to all customers. The front-end client applications are  written in C/C++ and are installed on client workstations running the Windows operating system. Each healthcare facility has its own database containing tables that are specific to that site. Each database is managed by a Firebird SQL server, a full-featured relational database management system. The client and server components communicate using the TCP/IP protocol suite.

Cactus systems incorporate industry standard technologies and are designed to coexist with other mission-critical corporate systems on a shared network. Cactus application users are validated against the Firebird user authentication mechanism and their access to information is regulated through permission structures at both the database and operating system levels. Secure access to corporate information is ensured.

The Firebird installation includes an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver that enables any ODBC-compliant third-party application to query the abstract database. Cactus systems therefore support the de facto Windows standard report writer, Crystal Reports, for ad hoc query/reporting. Cactus systems incorporate the Crystal Reports runtime engine to enable the generation of reports based on any of the standard report definitions, without the need for a Crystal Reports license.