Regional Systems

Cactus Health Systems offers supplemental technology (CRegion) that maintains a single "master" database by aggregating all abstracts for the entire region. CRegion provides a replication engine in each of the individual "slave" databases that, together with a replication application (CReplicate), replicates change information from all slave databases to update the master database. This replication technology is an add-on that supplements the existing architecture to produce a separate aggregate database. This new regional database is designed for enterprise-wide data analysis and reporting and, if desired, can be hosted on its own server, separate from server(s) that service the coding/abstracting databases. This architecture offers the flexibility to enable the separation of two fundamentally different types of processing - coding and abstracting involving relatively simple queries consisting of short duration reads/writes vs. data analysis involving relatively complex queries consisting of long duration reads. Cactus Health Systems has implemented this regional architecture in two large health regions in British Columbia.