Professional Healthcare Software

"Professional Healthcare Software" is not just our tag line - it is what has distinguished us from our competition over the years.

It means that we supply software to our customers that is extensively tested and proven before installation.

Above all, Cactus Health Systems maintains what it licenses by providing support that is unmatched in the market. This adds up to a complete health records solution that performs in a professional mannner.

Ongoing software updates and maintenance are performed by Cactus staff, rarely requiring any of the hospital's information technology resources. If this does not describe your current health records system, we invite you to discover how we can provide a system that increases coding efficiency without downtime. Above all, we can provide a lower total cost of ownership both economically and in terms of usability.

Our health records applications stand head and shoulders above any other in the marketplace. We encourage you to compare and to talk to our customers and colleagues.